Nothing more painful and embarrassing like seeing your phone battery run down. We all can testify to the fact that dead or low battery(s) in our cell phones have caused a lot troubles. ( 15 Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer )

The good news is there are many ways to make your phone battery last longer than expected, thereby putting to stop the disappointments occasioned by dead cell phones.

We at Meridrian24 went on fact finding mission to fish out simple tips and tricks you can use to make your phone’s battery last longer.

Ways to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer Than Expected

  1. Avoid keeping your Phone in a hot or heated surface

Sounds strange? Yes we know !!!

Most smartphones have battery made of either Lithium ion or Lithium Polymer battery. These two elements used for production of cell phone batteries are badly affected when there are exposed to heat and this leads to drastic drain of the battery.

  1. Use power saving mode

Recent Smartphones come with power saving mood to conserve your cell battery, this feature limits you to necessary functions like call, messages, time, contacts etc. It saves your battery up to 90%, releasing more power to your cell. So when you dont need internet service in your mobile phone put it in power saving mood.

  1. Put off your phone from vibrate function

When your phone is on vibration it tends to use additional battery power. Save your battery by switching it off.

  1. Lower the brightness

Phone brightness consumes 30% of your battery. Make your battery last longer by setting the screen brightness to auto so that it can adjust to indoor and outdoor lighting.

  1. Switch off the GPS Tracking

Only use your GPS when navigation and location services are necessary. GPS tracking consumes a lot of energy, tracking your location via radio waves and satellites will surely give you a dead cell.

  1. Always upgrade your Apps

Try as much as you can not to let your apps fall behind the times, Keep your apps updated. This helps in battery optimization thereby making your phone battery last longer. Erase the old apps to free up memory. All these saves battery.

  1. Turn off all auto updates

Most smartphones especially iPhones try to keep you updated by automatically installing new version of apps when they come out. Visit the store of the device you are using to deactivate.


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