Top 10 Facts About Chris Brown


Chris Brown was born in the small town of Tappahannock, Va. to his parents Clinton Brown and Joyce Hawkins. Although he has been involved in some controversy in the past, Brown hasn’t let the bad press ruin his career, as he continues to bust out chart-topping hits.

His latest album, ‘F.A.M.E.’ has been certified Gold by the RIAA, and he continues to dazzle us with his amazing dance moves in every video that he releases. In honor of Chris Brown’s birthday, check out 10 things you might have not known about the singer.

  1. Chris Brown wishes he could get back his “first set of Batman pajamas.” Awww. PEOPLE asked Brown about the one childhood item he wishes he still had, and Brown shared that it was his Dark Knight PJ’s. It’s funny — we would’ve thought Brown was a Spiderman fan, considering he and the superhero are so limber.

  2. Brown started dancing when he was in diapers, and he has continued to do so nonstop ever since. He once told Oprah Winfrey, “[I’ve been dancing] since I was 2. My mama can tell you — ever since I was little watching Michael Jackson on the TV screen and imitating him.” He also told PEOPLE, “I just dance all the time. I can’t stop. I think I just got the … I guess the old people say, ‘Ants in your pants.’ So I get busy all the time … Dancing like there’s no tomorrow.”

  3. He is deeply inspired by a lot of old school musicians. Some of his biggest inspirations are Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Teddy Pendergrass, and of course, his No. 1 dude Michael Jackson, whom he pays tribute to in his ‘She Ain’t You‘ video.

  4. When it comes to fashion, his outfits depend on his mood, but he usually likes to work in some ’80s flair. “Some days I might feel like dressing like a skater, some days like a stoner … I like snap-backs and the old-school Starter jackets,” he says in an interview with Vehem magazine. Brown also cites Pharrell as one of his fashion icons.

  5. Brown digs Rebecca Black‘s ‘Friday.’ We aren’t kidding about this one! Check out his reaction to the viral video here.

  6. He is the newest addition to Comedy Central’s ‘Tosh.O’ team of writers. OK. We are kidding about this one, but Brown recently did a hilarious guest spot on the show. Apparently host Daniel Tosh makes his writers dance on a table for one minute if they pitch a bad joke, and when Brown did so (even though Brown disagreed, telling Tosh, “F— you, that was funny”) he was forced to show the other writers what it really means to “dance their heart out.” Watch here!

  7. Despite being a corrections officer, Brown’s biological father always showed him love. “He was a hard-a– towards the inmates, but to me he was always real lenient, letting me get away with a lot of stuff,” Brown tells UK’s The Sunday Times. On the other hand, Brown went through some traumatic times after his parents divorced, witnessing a lot of domestic abuse from his stepfather towards his mother.

  8. Breezy is also an aspiring actor. This guy is on his way to becoming a serious triple threat! Brown starred in the 2007 flicks ‘Stomp the Yard’ and ‘This Christmas,’ and had a role in the 2010 action movie ‘Takers.’ He is also combining his love for basketball with his acting passion, as he is starring in the upcoming baller movie, ‘Phenom.’

  9. He turned down a record deal with Def Jam, even though Usher personally reached out to try and convince him to sign. “I was like, ‘Thank you, bro. I’m still not signing with [L.A. Reid],’” Brown told Entertainment Weekly back in 2007. Brown later signed with Jive because he was confident in their marketing skills.

  10. His middle name is Maurice. Maurice isn’t really a name you would expect the ‘Look at Me Now’ singer to possess. However, Chris Brown has always been in touch with his nerdy side (from his fashion choices, to him portraying an actual dork in the ‘Kiss Kiss‘ video), and his goofy middle name just makes us love him even more.


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