See The Different Types Of Fathers That Exist In Nigeria, Which One Describes Your Dad?



#Just for Fun!!

Here is a List showing the different types of Fathers that exist in Nigeria..

See below:-

1. The Super Wise Father


⇒ Is the oldest in his family
⇒ Your uncles always send their kids to your house for counseling and advice
⇒ He will tell you 100 proverbs before you get your allowance

2. The IJGB Wannabe Father


⇒ He has been to USA just once
⇒ He never ceases to bring it up in every convo
⇒ He thinks he is still young and popping at 67

3. The International Father

⇒ He is never around
⇒ He will give you gifts and dollars too
⇒ Everyone wants to get to his level

4. The Comedian Father


⇒ You will never catch him angry
⇒ He makes a joke out of everything
⇒ When you fail an exam, he will say “can you at least pass the salt on the table?”

5. The Social Father


⇒ Everybody invites him everywhere
⇒ He is always talking of joining politics someday
⇒ Will tell you it’s cool to bring your girlfriend home

6. The Shady Father


⇒ He is always angry
⇒ He jokes about using either you or your siblings for blood money
⇒ His wife is always begging him to go to church

7. The Posh Father


⇒ He never looks old
⇒ Your mum always keeps a watchful eye on his phone
⇒ He never beats you, just talks gently to you

8. The Strict Father


⇒ He has given you a 7PM curfew
⇒ You must marry only from your tribe
⇒ There is nothing like allowance increase in his dictionary

9. The Neighborhood Bigman Father


⇒ Throws an owambe every two weeks
⇒ He will pay your school fees and give you half of it for allowance
⇒ He will want to find a wife/husband for you himself

10. The Street Father


⇒ None of your teachers can touch you
⇒ He usually comes home late at night
⇒ He may have reset your destiny with a slap or two

Which Category do you think your Father Falls into?


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