Calitunes New Updates:

We have successfully rewritten all the ugly “URLs” in Calitunes, this will also increase #Calitunes SEO ranking..

this was reprogrammed last night with Uti Mac and Samuel Douye Ogu at #Shankara Hotel Calabar. Samuel Douye Ogu a very good friend of mine, that travelled all the way from #uyo to #calabar just to contributes in the development of #calitunes, though last night was a sleepless night for us.

So these are some of the calitunes new URLs->

  1. The user’s profile page url, now looks like this instead of the long ugly old url with parameters. it’s now very easy to share your Calitunes profile url with your friends around the world!.

  2. The new track/music page url, now looks like this-> this also makes it easy to share tracks/music direct links!

  3. The new video streaming/download page url, now looks like this-> this also makes it easy to share videos direct links!

  4. The new playlists url of a particular user, now looks like this->

  5. The new playlists page url , now looks like this->

  6. Others include,,,,,, etc

there are many more, i can’t list them all here, you can check via for all the new url, to get used to it.

Note: if you found any bugs on the urls kindly report to us, Calitunes will reward you for that! Thank you, Happy Streaming….

More coming soon..


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