CTAN – Calitunes New Business Section to Dynamically Recreate The Way Artists/Entertainers Promote Content

Launch Business Section to Dynamically Recreate The Way Artists-Entertainers Promote Content

Yes, its a new dawn in the entertainment industry as Calitunes officially Launch The Calitunes Ad Network (CTAN) for Artist/Entertainers to dynamically recreate the way quality contents are promoted.

About Calitunes Ad Network (CTAN)

The Calitunes Ads network is a sub-platform of Calitunes that allows Artists/Entertainers to publish/promote their contents such as Videos, Audios etc on third-parties blogs/websites dynamically using our Ad tools.

This also give bloggers/website owners to earn by helping Artist/Entertainers promote their contents after signing up for the CTAN.

Purpose (The Why)

From the inception and up till now, the internet has been one of the greatest invention on earth and has been a great success tool for Artist/Entertainers, and as a result of the bridge between demand and supply in the entertainment industry the cost for Artist/Entertainers to promote their work has skyrocketed and only dominated by those with big budget/funds which directly give talented and skilled artist/entertainers no/zero chance to be heard and be the next-big-thing.

With the Calitunes Ad Network, we’ve created a tool for both upcoming and established Artist/Entertainers to get their work out there and let the world know about it without necessarily having to spend big money or be restricted by how little money they have to market their content.

CTAN is the new advert tool for your work to be heard, consumed, discovered and “make it” without breaking the bank.

How CTAN Works

An Artist/Entertainer sign up on Calitunes, which automatically gives access to the Calitunes Ad Network (CTAN). Next is to Upload the Song/Video to be promoted on Calitunes and then head over to Signin to CTAN. Once signed into the dashboard, s/he create an Ad, set budget and make payment. The CTAN automatically notifies all blogger signed up for the CTAN to publish and promote your content to their users.

On the other side a publisher creates a bloggers account on Calitunes, and then Signin to CTAN, register his/her blog. After registering his/her blog successfully and Calitunes verified it, Calitunes will mail you the your generated Token and Calitunes_X_Ad plugin for wordpress users. Anytime someone creates an Ad, you’ll be notified alongside other publishers to publish the Ad on your blog to your users and earn from it.

Benefits of CTAN

To Advertiser

Economical – You don’t need to have big money/budget before using the CTAN. For as low as $5 you can get your content download for up to 333 clicks (downloads + play). Now that as economical as any promotion can get.

Measurable ROI – Track Promotion (Metrics) CTAN gives you measurable Return On Investment (ROI), which allows you to see exactly what you are getting out of the ads. You can access CTAN Metric and see exactly how your budget has been spent. You can measure impressions and the number of clicks you are getting, and compare this to your sales and revenue. Measuring the ROI couldn’t be simpler.

Highly Targeted – Advertise directly to people searching for contents like yours. CTAN allows you access to an entire new audience. Whatever your target is, you can put your ad in front of people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Brand Exposure – You can get your brand and your message in front of people who otherwise may not even know you exists. CTAN gets your content published on top entertainment blogs (i.e. Naijaloaded….), meaning anyone using this top blog contents will be exposed to your brand and what you have to say.

Pay Only When People Click – It’s in the name, but CTAN means you only have to pay money when someone actually clicks on your ad. Anyone who comes across your ad is likely to already be interested in what you have to offer, and so paying when they click your ad is usually worth the cost.

To Publisher

Earning Opportunity – After signing up to participate in the CTAN program you get to earn per-number of unique download and plays from advertisers content.

No Upfront fee is need to participate nor to withdraw your earnings.

To Site Visitors

Get exposed to the contents that matters to you.

Support for CTAN

If you need specific help regarding anying on the Calitunes Ad Network, please checkout Calitunes help section or feel free to contact our Support Team. Thank you.

Now you understand why we said “its a new dawn in the entertainment industry”
Welcome to CTAN!

We welcome your comments, questions, corrections and additional information relating to this press release.


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