jhené aiko and dot da genius got married secretly?

Dot Da Genius dropped a bomb on social media when he revealed that he has wifed singer Jhené Aiko. The surprise announcement came up on Instagram when the producer wished his new wife a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wife. Happy to be on this quest w/ you!!!” he captioned a picture of him putting a ring on it. Rumours about their marriage have been doing the rounds since Genius shared a pic of the couple’s Hawaii trip featuring matching bands on their left fingers.
In December (2015) Dot had posted a pic on Instagram saying, “Congratulations to my wife on her Grammy nomination!!” That image was deleted but since his Instagram and Twitter are obviously linked, the tweet related to the IG post is still live. Which puts their marriage earlier than December last year but it’s still not exactly clear when they hooked up.
Just two years ago Jhené revealed some details about her relationship status to Complex. On whether she was seeing someone at the time, she said, “There is, but I’m single. Not by choice, only because I found now that when I talk to guys, they’re wary because they know about Donald, they know I’ve worked with Drake. They’re always side-eyed, suspicious. But I’m loyal in relationships. If I’m your girlfriend, that’s it. I’m practicing to be your wife at that point because I treat it seriously. I feel like I was born to be a mom and a wife and totally domesticated.”
The new couple actually collaborated in that year when Dot and Woodro Skillson as HeadBanga Muzik jumped on Jhené’s ‘Sail Out’ EP track “The Worst.” Congratulations to the newly(?) weds on their union and keeping it private.
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