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Hello! Are you an upcoming artist or already an artist, but don’t know where to upload and share your songs, comedies, podcasts, sounds, mix-tapes, etc.. Then you’re in the right place: introducing http://www.calitunes.com

Calitunes is the ultimate music sharing platform, it allows you to: upload, download and sell music for free, and also, Calitunes helps you connect with your fans and friends around the world..

Your fans can also “follow” you on Calitunes, Chat with you. Like, comment and download your music… Etc..

Signup now, Click here to Get Started.. Thank you for using Calitunes Inc.

Also visit our Entertainments site @ http://b.calitunes.com
For more info contact support@calitunes.com

User Features of Calitunes Inc

Stream (Page): displays tracks uploaded by friends, online friends, friends suggestions and more.

Home(Page): allows the users to explore recently uploaded track based on categories.

Profile (Page): displays the user profiles along with the quick access to their public uploaded tracks, playlists, likes and friends.

Statistics: Track statistics such as Plays, Likes, Comments, Downloads, and more advanced statistics such as Top Countries, Top Cities, Most Played, Most commented, Most liked and more…

Messages (Page): Displays your friends based on their last activity, showing both online and offline friends.

Likes: shows all the likes you made on tracks.

Share: allows you to share the music via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Email and via direct link.

Embedding: allows you to embed the music player into websites and blogs

Licensing: It supports both Creative Commons and All copyright reserved.

Playlists: Create unlimited playlists and organize your tracks.

Premium Accounts: have more features such as pro badge, more upload space, advance profile url, etc

Notifications Center: Get notifications (red notification with counter) from your friends when they: Like, Comment, Chat and on new Subscribers.

Block: Users can block other users preventing them from chatting with each other.

Profile Privacy: Public (everyone can see the profile), Semi-Private (only friends can see the page), Private only you can see the profile.

Track Privacy: Public (available for public and semi-private profiles), Private(available only to the author).

Online Privacy: Appear Online (when available) or Always Offline.

Report: DMCA implementation for Tracks and report abusive Comments.
Notifications when new messages are posted on Feed, Subscriptions and Profile pages.
Password recovery by email or username.

Unified Search Box: Live search for Tracks and People, along with #hashtags.
Covers and avatars for user profiles.

Filters Notifications: Tracks, Comments, Likes, Chat conversations.

Friends suggestions (for new users).

Downloads: Enable or disable the downloading for tracks.
Add Social Profiles for: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and other social networks.

Cross-browser MP3 and M4A (MP4) audio files supported.

Turn On/Off visual notifications for Likes, Comments, Shares, new Subscribers, and Chat conversations.

Turn On/Off e-mail notifications for Likes and Comments and New Subscribers.

Log-in: Users can use both usernames and emails to log-in into their accounts.

Invite system: users can invite their friends to join Calitunes via Emails or Phone numbers..

and more coming soon, including our Android and iOS versions

Calitunes Entertainments site

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