GUEST POST: The “When Are You Getting Married Hullabaloo …” By IMA


    How many of you actually  knew that the late mornings with Ima I mean the real Ima on HIT95.9fm is an amazing blogger? Yes you now know! We stumbled on her blog recently and we decided to share her inspirational and kinda funny post about marriage. It seems she isn’t into it professionally but hey she’s fabulous. Check out the full excerpt below.

    Yours truly is currently typing with heavy sleepy eyes… Like literally….

    Today was a normal day with nothing huge.. On the show, I had the beauty expert as always on Tuesday with a little twist of a question and answer session which I called “Ask the expert : Beauty Q&A”....pretty fancy hunh??…

    However, what stood out for me today was the engagement hangout.  So, a friend of mine popped the question to his girlfriend as an extra special gift for her birthday and it was beautiful… I was smiling…  I actually missed the main part but I came in later and still enjoyed it….

    Last Monday as well, my beautiful cousin and sister, Chiko had her introduction which I sadly missed because of work… Bummer!... Anyways, annoying part is she is literally my age or close and now everyone is wondering if I am going to do the do’ soon as well…... You don’t even want to know…  

    The pressure to get married on young girls is something we cannot ignore. Apparently, when she reaches a certain age, everyone starts giving her the look…. That look... And expecting a guy to automatically appear with a ring, a job and a house in tow.... Sigh.. 

    In my case, the look got worse as soon as I was done with college…. My uncles even use a funny Igbo statement which means “my throat is calling me thirsty” in English but really means, they are thirsty waiting for the palm wine that will be brought for my introduction….. Na wa o!

    In my own opinion,we really should reduce it… Or just plainly stop it…Every girl would love to settle down, have a family and raise beautiful munchkins but she doesn’t have to be constantly reminded or drummed in the ears about it!! It’s better to wait long than marry wrong…..The divorce cases these days are exhaustive fam!.. 

    Many people forget that after the wedding comes the marriage and that part alone is important to remember. Running into it because you want to be the next bride in town or because you want to be featured in the latest bridal blog or magazine or plainly because you are trying not to shame your family by being the last spinster in the community is ddefinitely not going to help you dry those tears when marriage shows you just how harsh and thorny it can be…. Sorry, sad truth..

    Mungo Park or not, I’d rather be singing Happy Day by Patoranking in the end… Or would you rather prefer singing I wish by Waje?? 

    (Say hi to my beautiful cousin and her soon-to-be hubby….. Awwwn!) 



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