GIRLS, Simple Tips How To Ask A Guy Out


    Hey girls. I know a lot of you are having an issue with this topic. It is true that Some girls just sit and wait for MR-RIGHT to come pick them up to their dream land which might not always happen at times. It might not be about your looks tho.

    So in today’s post, I have carefully outlined some basic steps you should follow to get a guy ask you out.

    If you really want him, you have to have a little personal space. Hang with your friends and let him see you in your habitat. Make him see how much he missed talking to you. Make him come to you.

    Don’t pester him too often, because then he might find you annoying.

    Make him laugh, get to know him then start dropping hints.

    Avoid obsessive talking, texting, or calling him over and over again, because you might actually just make him run away from you.

    If there’s a dance coming up, try hanging around him alone. Guys feel nervous when you’re around him with your friends, especially if he wants to ask you out.

    If he says that he doesn’t know when you ask him which girl he likes, then that probably means he has feelings for you, but isn’t sure if he should like you or how he should express it.

    Hang out with him often, and don’t treat him like other guys.

    When you’re talking to him and you’re feeling brave then attempt to break the touch boundary, if you two are alone then you could “hit” him GENTLY! You don’t want to hurt him! Then maybe go in for a friendly hug and see how he responds. If he holds in for longer then you know he feels something. Also attempt to engage eye contact. Not for too long though as this could creep him out.

    He may not like you. If so, you can’t force him to go out with you.There are plenty of other men out there.