The First Multipurpose Media Sharing App And It Digital Ad Network For Bloggers



We built Calitunes in order for you to Explore, stream, Upload, Download and share a constantly expanding mix of Music, Videos, Mix-tapes, Podcasts, Comedy skits, etc from Indiginous and major artists around the world.

App Features:

User Settings – Customize the app
Messages Inbox – Receive and Send Direct Messages
Friends List – Easy Scanning of friends
Live Chat Messages – Preview and reply Direct Messages
Calitunes News – Direct Link to Our Latest Updates
Sound Upload – Upload your audio file for free with unlimited upload space
Calitunes Player – Inbuilt Music and Video Player
Music Playlist – Create your customized playlist
Video Upload – Support video upload and sharing.
Stream – Stay update with the people you follow.

Content creators categories supported by this app/platform:
1. Artists
2. Producers
3. Comedians
4. Models
5. Presenters
6. Radio Stations
7. Instrumentalists
8. DJ
9. VJ
10. Bloggers
11. Clergies
12. Record Labels

Supported contents type:
Musics, Movies, Comedy skits, Podcasts, Audio Quotes, Audio Recording, Mix-Tapes, Events.

More App Features [A list of some basic features of the app Player – The player gives users complete control over the playing music, with next, pause, previous, repeat, volume and other functionalities.

Explore/Discover – Explore/Discover page allows users to discover new tracks based on the tracks tags, find popular tracks and even discover new friends based on suggestions.

Profiles – Rich user profiles with cover and avatar images, profile description, social network links, user tracks, following, followers, likes, playlists and more.

Statistics – Allow media contents creators to know their audience with advanced statistics

such as Plays, Downloads, Likes, Comments, Most Played, Countries, Cities and more.

Search – Unified search allows searching for both users and tracks at the same time. Search results can also be filtered by people, tracks, videos, radios, and playlists.

Sharing – Share your music and videos using the embedded player on any website, via the e-mail or on the major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest.

The Calitunes Ad Network (CTAN):

The Calitunes Ads network is a sub-platform of Calitunes that allows Artists/Entertainers to publish/promote their contents such as Videos, Audios etc on different blogs dynamically and also on the official Calitunes platforms(Mobile Apps and Web Apps), using our ad tools.

A blogger will have to sign up his/her blog on the Calitunes Ads network dashboard, but before doing that you must have an account on Calitunes, before you can access the Calitunes Ad dashboard.
After successful sign up, you can now use your Calitunes login info to login through Ads network dashboard, before you can register you your blog. After registering your blog successfully and Calitunes verified it, Calitunes will mail you the your generated Token, Ad SDKs for Javascript and PHP and the Calitunes_X_Ad plugin for wordpress users.

The Calitunes_X_Ad plugin for wordpress, would be installed on your blog, and you have to verify it with your Token generated from Calitunes, after successful verification, you can now have full control of the plugin on your WordPress admin dashboard.

The Calitunes Ads dashboard allows you to track your statistics and your earnings and you can also view running Ads.

you have to sign-in on the Calitunes Ads dashboard with your Calitunes login info before you can Create Ads or have access to the Ads dashboard.

To create an Ad is easy, you will provide Calitunes with some info: example; Ad Title, Ad Description, Ad Type(video or audio), select amount( Note: any amount entered, our system will calculate the number of clicks and downloads for the selected amount), right from the audio or video page or from the ad dashboard. after a successful ad creation/payment, your ad will be sent to all our bloggers who have successfully installed our plugin, and our system will also notify them via mail, sms, etc. You can now login to the ad dashboard to track the performance of your newly created video or audio Ad.

You can track your statistics from the Calitunes Ads dashboard to know how many users listened or downloaded your contents.

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