Daniella Okeke Show Off Her Pvc, Hides Her Age


    Nigerian celebrities have gone on social media to display their patriotism and their voters card, sending a message to other eligible voters in a bid to inspire other them to get their PVC as change begins with the youths.

    Celebrities like Chigul, Falz, and Roseline Meurer, have collected their PVCs and showcased it on social media. Social media users have chosen to their ages on the cards and not the reason behind such display.

    Controversial Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke is not left out in this patriotic act as she also got her permanent voters card today. She put the card up on display on her social media page but she covered her age, reasons best known to her.

    Social media users are not accepting this little act as they are asking her what she is hiding.


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