10 Ways To Be A Perfect Girlfriend


    Every man desires a woman that supports him and who can hangout with him and his friends. You don’t want to be that girlfriend that is never given attention or confused on how to get him crazy about you again.

    The secret of being a good girlfriend is quite simple.Make your man feel special and cared for, and he will love you for it.

    Here are 10 ways to become to the perfect girlfriend.

    1. Show him love: Love him like he is the only guy in the world. Make him feel special and happy. Let him know and feel that he’s the king of your heart and no one can replace him. He likes the fact that you’re crazy about him so show him by giving him those tender kisses, hugs, smooches, and say “I love you” when there’s a chance.

    2. Don’t be too possessive: It’s cute to get jealous at times and make him feel like you don’t want to loose him to anyone but when you start checking his messages and contact list, that can be a big turn off. Your man does not need to feel like he is being monitored. Have some trust him and let him feel that he has got a confident woman.

    3. Stroke his ego: Feed his ego from time to time. Men tend to have insecurity issues. Don’t let him get an ego boost by chasing other women around, a man needs to feel attractive and desired too. Give him a compliment. Tell him how much you love something about him, or how hot he is to you. A compliment makes everyone feel nice, so give him that pleasure every time.

    4. Be a sex goddess: A girlfriend isn’t “perfect” if she doesn’t perform great in bed. You should not just be good in bed you must be better than all of his ex-girlfriends combined. Great sex brings you closer, and keeps you together for years, and years, even if other spheres of your relationship aren’t perfect. Find out what makes your guy go crazy, and then fulfill all of his fantasies. Yes all of his fantasies, because that’s what a perfect girlfriend does.

    5. Cook for him: The path to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so cook him nice meals. Nobody expects you to live in the kitchen. It works, even if you make him a simple meal that doesn’t taste that good. It’s the effort that counts, not the taste.

    6. Be loyal to him: Let him know that you are always going to be there for him through thick and thin not just by saying it but your actions should correspond. Ask him about his family especially the brother or sister that he is really attached to. Talk about work and what business venture he plans to dive into. Be the caring girlfriend that wants to know if he has had lunch, dinner, how healthy he is eating. You can also put in some efforts by cooking for him or preparing something special and bringing it to him.

    7. Give him space: Yes ladies, give your man some space! You don’t want him feeling all chocked up around you. Let him have some time to hang out with his friends and do some exciting thing except he invites you, best time to hang out with your friends too. Don’t be a clinch or the girlfriend that is there 24/7. Let him miss you a little and think about you then give you a call.

    8. Never compare him to your ex’s: He might not be hottest or the richest guy but he’s willing to do everything in his power to please you and make you happy. So acknowledge the fact that he’s putting in effort and make him feel appreciated. Don’t complain when your request isn’t forthcoming or make spiteful comments about him not measuring up to your ex. This hurt’s his pride so instead just be supportive and give him the energy he requires emotionally.

    9. Communicate with him: Let him know what’s going on in your life and what your fears are, he’s listening! A problem shared is half solved so confide in him and he will do the same. He’s not a magician and cannot read your mind so don’t be shy to open up to him about work, the girl you’re having problems with, your family. Let him be your friend not just your lover. There should always be something to talk about but when there’s nothing, just cherish the silence and cuddle.

    10. Don’t take your man for granted: You should never take anything for granted, not even your boyfriend. So don’t treat him anyhow. The worst thing you can do in your relationship is to become lazy. You stop paying so much attention to him, you stop appreciating all the little things you used to love about him, you stop taking care of yourself and your looks.

    The secret to keeping your man in love is understanding him on a deeper, psychological and emotional level, and learning how the little things you say to him affect him way in more ways than you think.


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