For weeks now, the Calitunes team have been working on the Calitunes Go project and we are now happy to bring to you today, the Calitunes Go launch, a premium feature of the Calitunes app to reward you our users for your love for Art/music.

About Calitunes Go

Calitunes Go is an initiative conjoined with Calitunes – the ultimate music/video sharing platform A program with the mission to reward your love for music/arts and also to make money by users or artists, Djs, Vjs, Presenters, Gospel Ministries, Comedians for their production of music, mix-tapes, sounds, podcasts, beats, sermons, comedy skits etc.
Calitunes Go is a premium package from Calitunes to create the channel for premium users to earn passive income on monthly basis.

Calitunes Go Launched


So Why Calitunes Reward System?

Music is life. It heals, it breeds, it gives fulfillment, but only those who are the BIG Stars benefit from the Entertainment industry, but the common man gets no financial benefit, we where then inspired to create a system to reward people for their love for Arts (music/video), to integrate a reward system into the existing Calitunes model.

So our team sat down to come up with creative way to structure the reward system, and it was then we found out that some Nigerians often lose interest in a program that requires members to refer before earning. But still, many people are looking for alternative options to earn money online to sustain daily need with less stress without having to refer anyone. We look at where there is a financial problem and try to create a possible solution for the general public to live comfortably.

And right there, Calitunes Go/Calitunes Reward System (CRS) was given birth to!

Ready to Enjoy the Calitunes Go Reward System?

First step in this journey is to have the Calitunes app on your android phone (IOS version release in a bit).

Download From Google Playstore Here

Here is How To Make Money on Calitunes Mobile App.

Please feel free to drop your comment or question here and we’ll attend to you in no time.


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