Calitunes Android app (lite) v1.0.0 released


Hello there! We have successfully released Calitunes Lite v1.0.0 for Android users, download link is available below,

Calitunes Lite allows you users to Download, Stream, Upload, Share Tracks /songs easily.

Note: Calitunes Lite v1.0.0 is not compatible on device with smaller screen resolution, example Black berries with smaller screen resolution, so if you’re using a device with smaller screen resolution, we recommend you to use the main website for now.

Secondly, Samsung galaxy s4 might not support file upload due to some security reasons, so we recommend you to use a Google Chrome browser when uploading files on Calitunes.

Calitunes Lite will be available on google play store by next weekend.

Report any bug you found on the app to this phone number +2348112789246 or

Note: we’re currently running an upgrade on our server, you might experience some issues using our app or Website,  we hope to resolve this as soon as possible.  Thank you!




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