Calitop5 Music Countdown: June 2016


Hi guys!
Welcome to our first CALITOP5 music top chart, an avenue to promote our own music industry. Get to know what type of songs are played back to back on radio and tv stations here.We teamed up with top OAPs in the city to give us a list of songs and the most downloaded and streamed songs here on Subsequent episodes will be in podcast format for free download and streamed free on our music store. Expect the countdown monthly as soon as we are done.
NOTE: All the songs on the countdown are 100% local content. Only songs from our home base artist will be featured

5.Big Daddy-Calabar woman: This song is a dedication to the most beautiful women in Nigeria. YES!!! Calabar women. Dont argue with me. I love the flow and lyrics which is not common today but since its coming from a veteran music producer and musician…its a hit and I officially rate it 7/10. Grade C.
4.Tshawn-Like That: Tshawn is back again. After his hit single “kpong kpondo” released about two years ago, he has shown us that he is no ordinary artist. He also did a collaboration with VECTOR. The song has enjoyed massive air play. I rate it 7/10. Grade C.

3.Fada Kane-Radio Man: This ”nice and juicy” radio man does not need introduction. Radio man by Fada Kane is a slow pace music with a fussion of reggea and pop mixed together. This song was produced by DJ CUPPLON and mastered by our own SHADOW. Radio man has enjoyed massive air play from radio stations across the country. Fada Kane is known for his dope songs and fantastic voice, radio man is no exception. Currently, he is a representative of TRACE URBAN RADIO in Calabar. I rate Radio Man 8/10. Grade B.

2.Beetovin-Atekong: If you have not heard of Atekong then you are not in calabar. This song was played and still playing back to back on HIT 95.9 FM. The song revolves around a street in calabar called ATEKONG and a guy called Beetovin who met a girl on a funky freaky friday along Murtala Mohammed highway. You can guess the rest of the story. It’s still one of the most requested songs on radio. Beetovin is still an upcoming artist and we expect more hits from him. I rate it 8/10. Grade B.

1.Iceboxx-No Problem: Oh yes! Iceboxx is number 1!! ( drums). This babalawo no dey fear jazz man o LOL. I grew up as a kid listening to Iceboxx. Iceboxx released his BURNING ICE 2.0 album on June 1 2016 and NO PROBLEM was a massive hit from that album. I love everything about this track…delivery, flow, beat and voice. The only ice that burns for real. It’s completely awesome. Calabar got talent for real. I rate it 9/10. Grade B.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you enjoy our countdown and expect our next edition on podcast series hosted by me. We encourage all our artists to keep producing good songs and maybe you might get to see your song on CALITOP5. If you think your song was not featured here, send us an SMS ONLY to 234-808-595-7442. KEEP VISITING CALITUNES.


  1. For T’Shawn I won’t rate it a C I would give a B ,the song has g funk feel to it something most artist from our own locality don’t really toy with (no offense) and that’s cos his musical vocabulary is wide .
    For Big Daddy I agree totally with u
    Fada Kane’s joint no offense I’ve not heard so I can’t say
    IceBoxx never does any wrong ,to me his slick with the flows,his metaphors make sense and his punchlines really sting.

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