Let us not pretend as if we don’t know hardship inspires music, most people walk to the studio to create junk for us, and tag it “my latest single”.

Music they say is the food of the soul, but nothing leads faster to depression than bad music.

Just because you want to escape the hardship in the country, you then save a little studio money, to once again add to the list of wacked songs out there. My brother “There is God oh

If you are reading this, and deep within you know studio session money is almost complete, so you can once again add to the tremendous list of wacked songs we are suffering from in this country, biko!! I beg you standing on Amadioha’s left foot, don’t do this to us, don’t release that song, just use the money and eat enough ‘nkwuobi’ and it will do you well.

Wait! Is making it in the Nigerian music industry that hard? Funny enough it’s not, if not, there won’t be room for a Davido, Olamide, Kcee and some of our A’ List artist.

I will be sharing these tips on how to make hit songs in Nigeria with you all, as friends, because believe me, there are little things that we observe but choses to ignore. Here they come people.

1. Nigerians Love A Good Beat

While a song consist of various compartment, from the verses to the chorus, hook and the rest bla bla bla, one can’t overlook the impact, a good beat has on a song.

Please, what did Ycee say in ‘Omo Alhaji’? virtually nothing, he was just repeating the same thing over and over again. And guess what, the song was a hit, not just any hit, a MEGA HIT!

A hit that shot YCEE straight to being an A’ list artist. Are we still in doubt of the amazing prowlers of an amazing beat? Was it not in that same ‘Omo Alhaji’ beats that Jesse Jagz did an awesome rap freestyle and once again, the freestyle became a massive hit amassing hundredth of thousands downloads.

2. Have A Signature Word

Most of our A’ list artist can’t deliver a song without including their signature lines, so I guess you should join them. Please and please don’t ask me why oh….. Just believe that if it is working for them it will work for you.

Popular among them are:- Leggo is for Timaya, ‘Yes oh’ ‘nothing day happen’ for 2Baba, kokolet, ‘koko master’ for D’banj, ‘Whaysayy’ for Patoranking… See eh, I can go on and on, there are too many and I am pretty sure you know them all.

So chose your own, even if it’s ‘Agama lizard’, you want to adopt as your signature line, just stay true to it, and make sure you constantly say it in your song till even you yourself is tired of saying it.

3. Please Don’t Forget To Rhyme

Honestly, is there any hit song in Naija without a strong presence of a rhyme pattern? Just think of a hit song, and automatically the rhyme pattern comes to you. Watch out peeps for the next A’ list artist that will join the fold, the YBNL first lady Temmie, wow!! She totally understands, the rhymes impact on potential hit songs, and she filled her first single with so many of them. Chai, Temmie, even if rhymes is maggi, ‘your own too much naw’

4. Feature An A’List Artist

Now this is like the most important of them all, you can follow all the above tips, and still not make it as an A’ List artist. Why? It’s simple, your name is relatively unknown, and nobody waste their precious MB on an unknown artist.

Now imagine, the ‘Osinachi’ song without Phyno on it, there is a strong tendency that despite how good that song is, it would not have gained the necessary publicity. But Humblesmith I guess knew already of this rule, and he saved more money to add a known name to the song, and boom!! We have a hit in ‘osinachi’ and then the remix with Davido skyrockets him into the heart of almost all Nigerians.

5. Relax, Don’t Be Too Serious

We know you want to be a star so badly, we know that somehow, you are now seeing music as an escape from your predicament. But please and please don’t be too serious when you are in the studio.

Relax, a hit does not come in direct proportion to your seriousness, go and ask Terry G, Timaya, Davido, Wizkid damn it!!, why pick names. Go and ask them all, all those that have made hit song, and they will confirm this my little secret.

Relax my dear and do your thing. If a song like “Oga Don Jazzy, when you go marry” can become popular, who says you can’t make your own hit song.

6. Good Promotion & Publicity For Your Song

Some Artistes can’t blow.. Believe me!!! Imagine, You saved up so much money so that Don Jazzy or Young John can produced your Song, after achieving that, you can’t even save up to get your Music to the World using Blogs and Radio.

My Brother, you go waste money tire, keep hiding those songs that can change your Life on your phone and be sharing it with bluetooth when Naijaloaded can share to over 2million Nigerians all over the world within 1 week.

Don’t be stingy, help your career.

And finally, Here is a Disclaimer, If you finally follows all of the above tips, yet ‘e no work’ or ‘you no blow’, my brother, go to the village and beg them, ‘their juju strong pass my tips’. 🙂



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